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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Finally emerging from the deep freeze...

Finally emerging from the deep freeze - Anyone in the Midwest knows what I'm talking about. My apologies for starting my blog and then going MIA for a week. We were busy clearing ice and snow and just plain trying to stay warm!

We have a super efficient geothermal groundsource system which was installed several years ago. We were told it's not very effective for heating when temps go below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Well, we found out they weren't kidding! Add that to a 40-year old house with single pane windows of the same age and what do you get? A system that stays on emergency heat, and doesn't warm the house to over 62 degrees. Unacceptable. So, it's a bit difficult to polish nails when huddled under a blanket!

But, we are emerging from the deep freeze. We are no longer on emergency heat, and I hope to catch up on posting over the weekend. 

In the meantime, take a look at these beauties I received in today's mail - all the way from France! I won a giveaway on Christmas Day from a friend there and these pretties arrived today. 

I love love love free!!!! How about you?

OPI black label That's All Bright With Me, Show It and Glow It and black label I'm a Princess, You're Not. 

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